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Frequently Asked Questions

My Pet Sculpture provides a keepsake replica of any pet, whether past or present. If your pet has passed away, grief can be intense: a sculpture honoring that pet tends to ease the weight of loss.  Joyce Leake, animal communicator and author, put it this way: "Your work serves as a bridge between that numbness of loss and the need to grieve. It's very important work".

Jack Russell Snoozer With His Pet Playful Collie Minnie Sculpture

Q: How do I start my order?
A: To start the process, first email me, sending a picture of your pet (see suggestions below). Once you have chosen an image for me to base the piece on, I will send you a PayPal invoice. For your order to be placed, you must make a payment. I am happy to talk with you via email about the completion time and other concerns you may have.

Q: How long does it take for you to complete a sculpture of my pet?
A: This varies from 2 weeks in spring/summer to 4-8 weeks closer towards the fall and holidays. While every effort is made each year to deliver by Christmas, I am only able to promise a sculpture arrives on time if ordered by October 1st, in the USA.

Q: Why does it take a while to get my order filled?
A: I have orders come in constantly and work as quickly as possible to fill them without rushing. If a sculpture is needed sooner, I will make every effort to meet your need-by date.

Q: What size are the sculptures?
A: Small is approximately 5" in length; medium is about 6"; large is 7-8" and extra-large is up to 10". The largest size is up to 16" long and up to 12" tall. All of the above sizes are in the lying down position. Sitting is available. However, standing is an option, but the price will be higher.

Q: Can you do specialized bases such as grass, dog bed, or favorite pet toys?
A: Yes, I can provide any look you desire. Some complex scenes may require additional costs. Please contact me with specifics. Special requests are welcome!

Q: Are gift certificates available?
A: Yes, I can provide a personalized gift certificate. Please contact me with specifics.

Q: What material do you use to make your pieces?
A: I use polymer clay, which enables me to create very detailed pieces. This material is extremely durable as well.

Q: Can a full-size piece stay outside?
A: Yes, full-size pieces can stay outside in moderate climates. However, protection is needed. For example, consider placing your statue under a porch roof or awning to maintain the colors of the paint as well as the stability of the sculpture. If set outside, use a stone base or solid material to prevent direct contact with the ground. In prolonged periods of extreme rain, snow, damaging winds, or unusually deep freezes, your sculpture should be indoors. Please be aware that polymer is not the same as stone. It is durable, yet can be damaged if not protected.

Q: Can more than one pet go on a single base?
A: Yes, any combination of pets is available.

Q: Is there a multiple pet discount?
A: Since no molds are used, each sculpture requires the same amount of time. Because of that, each piece is full price. However, I do discount for military and am happy to offer a payment plan if needed. I'm always willing to work with you.

Q: Is my sculpture guaranteed for life?
A: Your sculpture is guaranteed to arrive in the same condition it was shipped. If after many months a flaw is found, you are welcome to send it back for repair. Children playing with a sculpture or an accidental fall from a shelf can happen, resulting in a break.

Q: What are your ideas about helping a child with pet loss?
A: Let them talk, draw, write and express how they feel. Listen. Never say, it was just a dog, cat, rabbit, etc. Love is love, and the loss hurts. Honor the life lost with a special picture or candle, a simple memorial. Several customers have used a pet sculpture to comfort a child. It represents the pet's spirit. If after a few weeks you can get another pet, do so. It is healing, and so many pets need a home.

Q: Do you sell/ship your work outside of the United States?
A: Yes, I ship sculptures all over the world! Please contact me for payment and ordering details. I receive many orders from countries outside the USA. Please check with your postal service to see if an import fee applies. If so, this is not imposed by the USA and will add to the cost of your purchase once it arrives. Please note that I am limited by postal regulations and can ship up to 13 inches outside of the USA.

Q: What types of bases are available for my completed sculpture?
A: I offer black round, oval, rectangular and square bases. Custom colors or finishes are also available. For a black pet, I use a wood tone for the base. Specific requests are welcomed.

Q: Can I add a name-plate to my sculpture?
A: Yes, available in brass or silver tone.
One name engraved is $20.
Each additional line is $5.

Q: How many photos should I plan to send you?
A: I suggest you provide between 2-5 images taken at eye level for the best possible likeness. A profile image is also helpful. Please remember the quality of your images, including clarity and color, will affect the outcome of your sculpture. Send those pictures that most closely represent the pet.

Q: What if my pet is deceased and I can't get an eye-level photo?
A: I will work with the photos you have and do my best to capture the look of the pet.

Q: What if my sculpture arrives damaged?
A: In the unlikely event of breakage during transit, your sculpture is insured. It will be either repaired or replaced and re-shipped at no additional cost. The sculpture is double-boxed for maximum protection, and ships either by UPS or USPS.

Q: What if I change my mind after the order is shipped? Is there a refund?
A: Since each piece is a custom sculpture of your pet from personal photographs, I do not offer a refund. However, if you are not fully satisfied with your order, I will work with you to make changes within 30 days after your piece arrives. If you want something altered that was not clear in your photos, you will have to cover the shipping fee. Ensure that you have UPS pack your sculpture and have it insured. If shipping by USPS, ask for insurance. If your order is lost en route, it will be replaced ASAP, at no cost. The only shipping refund guaranteed is in the event of a break upon delivery.