My Pet Sculpture by Kathryn Nicholas

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Custom Cat Sculpture

Lifelike Custom Pet Sculptures

Honor your beloved fur-family member with a pet replica from My Pet Sculpture, by Kathryn Nicholas. Celebrate your pet's life, whether past or present. Adding art of your pet to your home is a unique way to honor him or her. And it always brings a smile!

"We received our sculpture today; you did an unbelievably amazing job! It brought tears to our eyes looking at the sculpture...thank you for your incredible talent."
P&V.S - Colorado, 10/15/18

Celebrating Your Companion

See what just a few happy customers have to say about My Pet Sculpture...

"I received the beautiful sculpture today! Oh my goodness, it's just amazing! I am crying. My parents will absolutely love it. Thank you SO much!"    ~K.N 2019

"Hi Kathryn! It arrived today, and she loves it! Thank you so much. It looks incredible!" ~ I.W 2019       

"My gosh! Your work is amazing. Seriously. It is breathtaking." ~J.L 2019

"This is the most unbelievable gift we have ever received...we truly LOVE IT" ~ C.E 2019                                          

The Perfect Memorial

As an animal lover, I understand the love between you and your pet. It runs deep. My individualized sculptures are designed to capture that bond, and the spirit of your pet.

Capture the heart and soul of your best friend with handcrafted art. I am happy to customize your sculpture to fit your specific wishes. Each piece is an original, custom pet sculpture based on your images, and comes signed and dated.

See images below for memorial sculpture options. The small sits atop a bed that opens to hold remains. The large houses the remains within. The smallest memorial I can create is eight inches.                                                                      

The standard sculpture is offered in a 6" to 15" length. A dark wood base is included in your order. If you are interested in a size not listed, please reach out for more information on my pet sculpture options. Special requests are welcome! 

Contact me to start your order for a custom sculpture of your treasured pet. I create custom pieces for customers around the world.

Standard Sculptures

The standard sculpture is offered in a 6" to 15" length. A dark wood base is included in your order. If you want a sculpture size not listed, just let me know. Special requests are welcomed!

Pet Memorial Sculptures 

To honor the memory of a pet who has passed, this sculpture starts at ten inches and goes up to a fifteen-inch length. Space is provided within to hold remains, and comes with a sculpted lid for use when ready to seal.

Dog Sculpture
Memorial Dog Sculpture

Custom Dog Sculpture
Sculpture Opening for Remains

Pet Memorial Sculpture
Memorial Dog Sculpture
Sits a top a bed which opens to hold the remains.


Each sculpture arrives on a oval dark wood base unless otherwise specified.